September 19, 2017

As Los Angeles temperatures can easily reach the high 70s and more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, finding ways to beat the heat is mandatory for anyone throwing a party. Record highs for the region hit 112 degrees Fahrenheit one September, but even April had a record high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit. When you want to beat the heat and help your guests feel cool, you need to know what to add to your party and how rental companies can help.
Outdoor party rental companies los angeles

Must Have Products for an Outdoor LA Party

Some of the must haves that you should add to your list include things you already considered like bottled water and ice. Plan on each guest drinking at least one to two bottles of water per hour. If the temperature is higher, you’ll need to keep more ice and water on hand. Ice keeps the drinks cold and can keep any food that you serve at the proper temperature too. You can also keep bottles of sunscreen on hand that you encourage guests to use. Make sure that they apply more of that sunscreen as the party goes on. It’s also helpful to offer guests plenty of shade under canopies and tents.

Party Rental Companies Los Angeles Help

Though you may think that you can plan your party all on your own, Los Angeles companies can provide all the shade that you and your guests need. Even if you throw the party in a park or an area with lots of trees, the wind and the angle of the sun can make it almost impossible for guests to relax in the shade. Rental companies can bring tents and canopies to your party location, set up those shady areas for you and come back later to take everything down. You’ll also find other items that you can rent to help your guests have more fun like tables and chairs, buffet equipment, and lighting for outdoor parties at night.

Rent Supplies and Equipment Today

No matter when you want to throw an LA party, you can rent all the equipment and supplies that you need weeks and even months before your big night. Look at all the top party rental companies Los Angeles has to offer like AAA Rentals, which is a great choice for anyone throwing a party in LA. Check out all the great lighting and electrical equipment for use after the sun goes down and great tents and canopies for beating the heat during the day.

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