November 7, 2016

When it comes to renting tables, chairs, tents, walkways, and so on, we understand there are many options in the Los Angeles area.

But renting the equipment is not enough. You need setup of that equipment, and professional assistance for items you may not know how to use.

Many other party rental companies in Los Angeles, CA offer delivery, but don’t set up. Other companies don’t even deliver.

But AAA Rents & Events will not only deliver your rentals AND pick them up afterward, we’ll set them up and take them down when it’s all done.

party rentals los angeles caWe’ve heard the horror stories before…Dozens of tables just stacked on top of each other. Floor pieces delivered in a box instead of laid out and secured. Heaters with no fuel. And no humans to turn to for help in all these situations.

AAA Rents & Events adds a human element to our service, so we can go above and beyond to make your event productive and happy. We understand how complicated even a small house party can get, let alone a major outdoor event. We serve the biggest and the smallest, and we mean serve — we don’t just drop off heavy equipment and wish you good luck. When you rent from AAA Rents, you get all our muscle and all our know-how.

What’s more, you also get access to our extensive network of service professionals. We can provide a bar, and help you find the right bartender. We can provide a dance floor, and help you find a great DJ. We can provide serving dishes, and help you find the best caterer. We can even help you get city permist if your event is large enough to need them.

We’re here to help you navigate all the way through to your event. It just takes one phone call to AAA Rents & Events — don’t wait, call today!

Need Help With Your Event Planning? 818-785-1105