June 15, 2016

It’s L.A. It’s summer.

It’s hot. Really hot.

Record heat, in fact.

2016 is already the hottest year on record worldwide, and Southern California is certainly feeling it. The Southland has had record-high days in every single month so far this year. According the Weather Service, temperatures in the valley will soar somewhere between 110 and 118 degrees this weekend.

But it’s L.A. It’s summer. Party we must, and party we shall, regardless of heat. It takes more than that to dull our shine.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with doing everything we can to keep from burning to a crisp. People at outdoor events need all the help they can get, and party tents can make a huge difference. Think about it — standing in the sun and squinting is not as conducive to genial conversation as standing under a shaded roof, where it’s cooler and the ice in your beverage doesn’t melt as fast.

Wedding tent rentals are especially necessary, given that most weddings call for dressing well, usually in multiple layers. And even if your wedding is swimsuit-friendly, the average temperature difference is 27.5 degrees cooler in the shade.

AAA Rents Party Rentals Pasadena - Outdoor Tent

AAA Rents – A Fantastic Selection of Tents and Canopies

Party hosts must be innovative during the summer, and renting a tent or canopy can be the best move you’ll make.

AAA Rents & Events provides tent rentals in Los Angeles for weddings and events of all sizes. Our inventory carries a wide variety of different tents and canopies, and you will be able to find a color and decor theme that matches what you envision in their head.

Our designer tents are perfect for intimate soirees with friends and family. Our large, elegant canopies should perfectly suit wedding receptions and birthday bashes from Santa Clarita to Long Beach to Pasadena. We have extensive experience renting out multiple tents to the same group, so any party planner in L.A. can be assured that no event will be too large for us to adequately supply.

Complete Setup and Removal

Tents are big. Even tents for small parties are tall and difficult to manage, and the more extravagant they look, the harder they are to assemble.

Don’t worry. We’ll set your tent up for you.

We’re pleased to offer full service assembly and disassembly of your tent and canopy setup. We are available 24 hours a day, so all you have to do is let us know what time your event starts and what time you want us to get the tent out of there.

Any questions that you have on the day of the event can be easily answered by our employees, and any issues that may arise will be resolved as quickly as possible. Entertaining a group of guests is stressful enough without worrying about the minutiae — let us concern ourselves with the setup details!

Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that the tent or canopy is raised and secure, as well as anything else you rent, like tables, chairs, electrical lighting, and so on. We are a professional party rental company that has thrived in Los Angeles for over 15 years, and our staff is knowledgeable, courteous and swift.

Beyond Tents and Canopies

“Wait, what was that about tables and chairs and lighting and more?”

Although tent and canopy rental is our main business, we also rent all of the little odds and ends that contribute to the overall success of a party. Tables, chairs, flooring, buffet pieces, you name it. You can get all your party rentals under one roof.

AAA Rents Wedding Tent

Our table and chair rentals run the gamut from fancy to casual, and we have product lines that fit everyone’s price range. Our Casa Blanca and Hugo lounge sets are perfect for refined crowds of industry bigwigs, but we can just as seamlessly supply low-key parties with Gost chairs and simple runner or banquet tables.

If the party needs supplying from the ground up, AAA also offers bar and entertainment center rentals, flooring and walkway designs, buffet and serving pieces and every possible item down to silver or gold dining room silverware.

We are committed to ensuring our client’s satisfaction with the entire experience, and that means supplying, delivering and picking up everything a party planner requires.

A Wide Array of Services

We’re more than just strong hands, too. We can help you create a vision in a real-world setting. Our employees are trained to use CAD software to lay out an ideal floor plan for the big event, and to set up lighting fixtures in a visually pleasing way. We understand the importance of atmosphere for parties and events.

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Don’t let the heat keep your party on ice. Give us a call to talk about tents, canopies, or whatever else your wedding or party may need for your guests’ best experience possible.

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