August 10, 2016

Everyone loves a good outdoor event until it gets too hot.

Or too bright. Or too windy. Or too rainy. Or too cold or too disorganized or too outdoorsy.

Your Outdoor Event Could Use Some Indoors

No matter the event you’re planning, adding some protection against the elements is a great way to provide your guests with fresh air and space without sacrificing comfort. A tent or canopy will protect friends and family from strong sun, wind and rain (hey, L.A. does get rain sometimes!).

Because at the end of the night, you want your guests to go home not just satisfied, but elated. That’s no easy task, especially when the guest count starts getting up there. But one thing lots of people enjoy is outdoor air, and one way to keep it comfortable is with rented structures to keep outside air flowing without detracting from everything else.


And you don’t need to just rent a tent–there’s plenty that goes into a large event that you can do to make your party the most memorable event of the year.

More Than Just Tents…

Consider adding a walkway to guide guests to the opening of the tent. This will add to the magic of your event and provide definition to the space. Adding a walkway will also reduce the risk of a stumble on uneven ground. If your event includes a band or DJ, consider adding a defined dance floor for guests to enjoy!

If the breeze is cool and light, open the sides of the tent to let the fresh air in. Your guests can breath deep and enjoy the scenery. As the sun sets, the walls can roll down to keep your guests cozy. Lighting will reflect against the white tent walls and provide a bright, pleasant atmosphere.

If you prefer a simpler look, consider a simple shade flat construction. This outdoor option provides a simple guard against strong sunlight while allowing the breeze to cool your guests. This feature can also be set close to an existing building to serve as a “front porch” to your party.

Thinking About Guests Means Also Thinking About Staff

A setup of multiple small canopies can combine to create a long covered space. You can set the band or DJ at one end of the canopies and allow other guests to socialize at the far end. A long set up of single canopies will also make access easier for your caterers and wait staff, so the party can roll on during the buffet tear down with minimal disruption!

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Walkway, Heaters, and Lighting

Provide beverage stations at several points under the canopy in addition to wait staff. This will encourage guests to wander freely, socialize, and enjoy the atmosphere provided by the canopy. This will also enable the staff to do their jobs with minimal interference.

Position the tent close to a power source so your caterers have access to electricity as they set up. Additional access issues to consider include heavy items such as coolers full of ice. During meal time, consider opening side walls that will allow for a breeze to pass through the venue to reduce flies and other pests.

Fresh Plants for a Fresh Atmosphere

Your guests will be more comfortable with fewer bugs. Consider incorporating the following fragrant plants into centerpieces or flower arrangements:

  • Mint
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Basil

In addition to being attractively aromatic, these plants will repel mosquitoes and cut down on gnats and flies.

If possible, arrange the theme of your event around the colors included in these plants, or place live versions of these plants on the table and invite guests to take them home as a remembrance or keepsake.

When setting out food for your event, keep covers on hot food and provide mesh tents for cold dishes. Make sure to address a spot to set these covers aside when selecting food so guests can easily access their chosen food and then re-cover it.

No matter the formality of your dinner wear, AAA Rents & Events can help you set a beautiful table. Their reasonable rates on dinnerware, silver, table cloths and place settings can help you create a memorable event. Should your event lend itself to disposable dishes, be sure to provide discreetly placed covered trash cans, again to reduce pesky insects and keep the air fresh.

If you’re looking for tent rental in Glendale, CA, check out AAA Rents & Events for elegant tents and canopies. In addition to protection from the sun, our rental stock includes custom lighting features, swag draping, and flowing curtain panels. Your party can move from bright to exotic, depending on your selection. Relax and enjoy!

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