February 9, 2015

Pinterest boards can provide an amazing source of inspiration for planning your next party, so the next time you need catering, flowers, and party rentals San Fernando Valley, visit these six best Pinterest accounts for caterers that will get your creative juices flowing and your mouth watering.

1. Above All Catering & Events: http://www.pinterest.com/cateringpros/

Above All Catering and Events has been dishing out incredible food for over 20 years. Ranked as one of the top five wedding caterers in Orange County, they know how to impress the most discerning customers. Check out their themed boards that feature menus and décor for any holiday or occasion.

2. Tasty Catering: http://www.pinterest.com/tastycatering/

The folks at Tasty Catering understand that we eat with our eyes as much as our stomachs. Their vibrant food photography pops with color and makes every dish look mouthwateringly delicious. If you want tips on food presentation, then this is the Pinterest account for you.

3. Baker’s Best Catering: http://www.pinterest.com/bakersbestcater/

Small plates and bite-sized morsels are the name of the game at Baker’s Best Catering in Massachusetts. You can find big inspiration in tiny packages, and the hors d’oeuvres and desserts featured here prove just that.

4. Sasha Souza Events: http://www.pinterest.com/sashasouza/

Award-winning events and celebrity affairs are all in a day’s work at Sasha Souza Events in Napa Valley, California. Sasha’s design aesthetic is modern and unique, and her Pinterest account reflects that. Be sure to check out the gorgeous color-inspired boards.

5. Best Catering Ideas: http://www.pinterest.com/uptowneventsrva/best-catering-ideas/

This Pinterest Board is an amalgamation of pins from the world’s best caterers. Talk about one-stop shopping for ideas! You can spend hours getting lost in a world of fun and playful food intertwined with extravagant detailing.

6. Catering With a Twist: http://www.pinterest.com/cateringtwist/

These caterers thrive on creativity, and their Pinterest account is perfect for planning unique and cutting-edge events. Don’t miss their board featuring creative catering displays which will inspire you to think outside the box for your next event.

Bonus: http://restaurants.about.com/od/catering/a/How-To-Use-Pinterest-To-Promote-Your-Catering-Business.htm


Are you ready to take your own catering business to the next level by promoting it through Pinterest? Then follow the simple steps laid out here.

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