January 8, 2015

As with any other industry, caterers benefit from having a roster of amazing resources at their disposal. From researching the best linen rentals in Los Angeles to reading up on how to deal with finicky clients, catering blogs can be an absolute lifesaver for professional caterers. However, the internet is positively littered with catering blogs and not all of them are worth you time. To help you hack your bookmark list and discover the best blogs for your business, here are the four best blogs for caterers.

1) Tasty Catering: http://www.tastycatering.com/blog/

The Chicago-based Tasty Catering offers readers one of the best catering blogs on the web. Their staff covers everything from recipes to cocktails to even etiquette. This is a fantastic source for those who want to find great ideas for party themes and unique recipes.

2) Jay’s Catering Co.: http://www.jayscatering.com/blog

Presentation is the name of the game on Jay’s fantastic blog. If you want to take your presentation to the next level, this is the best place to discover new and unique approaches. This blog also offers a wealth of information specifically pertaining to weddings – one area where new and fresh ideas are absolutely crucial.

3) Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering: http://www.arthurscatering.com/blog/archive/news

Sophistication is the name of the game over on Arthur’s blog. If you’ve been stuck with a finicky client who wants their garden party to look like something out of a classic film, you’ll find the advice you need here. This is also a great resource for elegant table presentations.

4) MustHaveMenus Restaurant Catering Guide: http://www.musthavemenus.com/guide/restaurant-catering/index.html

While the aforementioned blogs give a plethora of advice on presentation and recipes, the MustHaveMenus blog is the ultimate resource for everything relating to the business of catering. From tax advice to detailed guides on how to run your business, this is an utterly invaluable resource for anyone in this industry.


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